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Here are Testimonials from individuals who underwent personalized coaching with David M. Rothenberg, M.D
  • K. Sievert

    Dr. Rothenberg's course was instrumental in tailoring my studying for the oral boards. When I started with him, my answers were indirect and disorganized. He helped me focus on what was truly important and gave insight into the examiners' thought processes.

    K. Sievert

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  • J. Ali

    After multiple failed attempts to pass the ABA oral exam, I am convinced that Dr. Rothenberg's guidance was the key behind my passing my last exam. He directed me to review the materials that are most relevant to this exam. He coached me on how to project confidence and how to handle difficult situations and questions at a fast pace.

    J. Ali

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  • R.I

    You are your best investment and you need to do all you can do to prepare effectively and thoroughly to pass oral board examination. That entails completing the Best Oral Board Prep program with Dr. Rothenberg.


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  • B.T.

    Dr. Rothenberg is a great teacher. Passing the exam is not just about knowledge, it is an assessment of the attitude and judgment too and who is better than Dr. Rothenberg, a previous senior examiner to do so. Once you register in his course he works with you as one of his own residents. He gives you and teaches you how to pass the oral exam. 


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  • A. Tzonkov, M.D.

    If you want to present yourself as an ABA diplomate when speaking to the examiners, you have to know what you are talking about, how to formulate your answer quickly, and how to speak well under pressure. Dr. Rothenberg taught me all of these. He goes through the topics efficiently, practically, and provides constructive criticism. He does a fantastic boot camp review of the most common oral board cases and demonstrates true expertise. The mock exams allowed me to practice in a realistic setting and learn the key elements of presentation. Dr. Rothenberg’s course made me a confident examinee and now a better Consultant and Diplomate.

    A. Tzonkov, M.D.

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  • L. Stevens

    I highly recommend the Best Oral Board Prep review program. I truly believe this program was the KEY that helped me pass my oral board exam on the first attempt. It is the only oral board prep course that offers one on one coaching with a former ABA examiner.

    L. Stevens

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  • C. Ghiassi

    From day one, Dr. Rothenberg provided the personal attention and support that I feel were integral in me passing my oral board exam the first time, nearly five years after taking my written exam.

    C. Ghiassi

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  • H. Albert

    Dr. Rothenberg’s commitment to ensuring his students’ success is absolutely unquestionable and is the major factor in my success today

    His wealth of knowledge and clinical experience is always clearly demonstrated and enthusiastically shared.

    H. Albert

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  • D. Levinthal

    In my opinion, there are two equally important parts to passing your orals, 1) fund of knowledge and 2) knowing what to expect and being prepared and practiced in your responses. My time spent with Dr. Rothenberg doing mock orals was critical to developing and refining how to present my fund of knowledge in such a manner that the examiners recognized my mastery of the topic.

    D. Levinthal

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  • M. Bhatia

    “Dr. Rothenberg was instrumental in my success as a resident and helped shape me into the anesthesiologist I am today. His depth of knowledge of the field was beyond valuable in my preparation for both the written and oral boards. His pedagogical tactics are highly effective and extraordinarily thorough. Throughout all my years in academia, Dr. Rothenberg remains one of the most influential mentors I have had and I will always be grateful for his guidance.”

    M. Bhatia

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  • S. Pillarisetty

    Dr. Rothenberg was instrumental in preparing me for both the written and oral boards. He was especially impressive with his mock oral case presentation style questions. I found that it made me really think about what I was saying and why I was saying it. His questions always forced you to understand the basic concepts behind every problem. I am happy that I was able to train under him and become a board-certified Anesthesiologist.

    S. Pillarisetty

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  • J. Hau

    I can confidently say that working with Dr. Rothenberg was critical to my success in passing the ABA oral boards. Drawing from his experiences as a senior board examiner, Dr. Rothenberg meticulously guided me through every aspect of the examination and provided invaluable advice on how to efficiently prepare for it. He taught me how to gather and present my anesthesia knowledge in a logical and concise manner as expected by the oral board examiners.

    J. Hau

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  • B. Budde

    Preparation for the anesthesia oral board examination can be a challenging and stressful task for a young physician. Being prepared for the exam structure and the examiners’ expectations is as important as the anesthesia knowledge needed to successfully pass the oral boards. As an ABA oral board examiner, Dr. Rothenberg provided me with unique insight into what the oral board examiners are expecting from an examinee and how best to navigate the questions being asked.

    B. Budde

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  • O. Said

    Dr. Rothenberg is one of the finest educators around. His vast experience as an examiner was instrumental in allowing me to pass my oral boards on the first attempt. I felt confident entering an otherwise very intimidating situation. He also saved me a lot of time by being clear about important concepts to master. My best words of advice are: preparation, preparation, preparation

    O. Said

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  • A. Iusco

    I have no doubt in my mind that there is neither an individual nor another course that will better prepare an anesthesia resident, fellow or attending than Best Oral Board Prep. Dr. Rothenberg is “triple boarded” in Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology, and Critical Care Medicine and was a former senior ABA oral examiner. This alone puts him above all the “Big Name” courses, and believe me, I took them all! His depth of knowledge in anesthesia and all of medicine is profound.

    A. Iusco

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