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Here are Testimonials from individuals who underwent personalized coaching with David M. Rothenberg, M.D
  • Since I failed the oral board exam after two attempts, I signed up for Dr. Rothenberg’s Best Oral Board Prep review. His instruction and guidance was pivotal in my third attempt to pass the oral boards. He taught me how to show better judgment, knowledge, and confidence during the examination, as ...

    L. Lee, MD

  • Oral board preparation for the ABA is not an easy task. As someone who took multiple test prep courses from different companies, there are multiple reasons why Dr. Rothenberg’s Best Oral Board Prep is better than any other course or examiner I encountered:
    1) He is a previous senior examiner...

    R. Marks, MD

  • I cannot appreciate more what Dr. Rothenberg did for my oral board training. As a foreign medical student, I have not only a language barrier, but also cultural barriers. Dr. Rothenberg used his over 30 years of teaching experience and his expertise as a former oral board examiner to address all of ...

    W. Xu, MD

  • Dr. Rothenberg's course was instrumental in tailoring my studying for the oral boards. When I started with him, my answers were indirect and disorganized. He helped me focus on what was truly important and gave insight into the examiner's thought processes. The instruction he gave carried me throu...

    K. Sievert

  • After multiple failed attempts to pass the ABA oral exam, I am convinced that Dr. Rothenberg's guidance was the key behind my passing my last exam. He directed me to review the materials that are most relevant to this exam. He coached me on how to project confidence and how to handle difficult situ...

    J. Ali

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