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Here are Testimonials from individuals who underwent personalized coaching with David M. Rothenberg, M.D
  • Dr. Rothenberg’s commitment to ensuring his students’ success is absolutely unquestionable and is the major factor in my success today

    His wealth of knowledge and clinical experience is always clearly demonstrated and enthusiastically shared.

    His personal encouragement, men...

    H. Albert

  • In my opinion, there are two equally important parts to passing your orals, 1) fund of knowledge and 2) knowing what to expect and being prepared and practiced in your responses. My time spent with Dr. Rothenberg doing mock orals was critical to developing and refining how to present my fund of know...

    D. Levinthal

  • Dr. Rothenberg was instrumental in my success as a resident and helped shape me into the anesthesiologist I am today. His depth of knowledge of the field was beyond valuable in my preparation for both the written and oral boards. His pedagogical tactics are highly effective and extraordinarily tho...

    M. Bhatia

  • Dr. Rothenberg was instrumental in preparing me for both the written and oral boards. He was especially impressive with his mock oral case presentation style questions. I found that it made me really think about what I was saying and why I was saying it. His questions always forced you to understand...

    S. Pillarisetty

  • I can confidently say that working with Dr. Rothenberg was critical to my success in passing the ABA oral boards. Drawing from his experiences as a senior board examiner, Dr. Rothenberg meticulously guided me through every aspect of the examination and provided invaluable advice on how to efficientl...

    J. Hau

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