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Here are Testimonials from individuals who underwent personalized coaching with David M. Rothenberg, M.D
  • My preparation for the ABA oral exam included a separate review course and mock exams with Dr. Rothenberg. He is able to quickly identify areas of weakness, polish responses (in length/delivery/content), and instill the confidence needed for a successful examination. He is constructive and encouragi...

    Evan S

  • I know I passed because of the incredible preparation with Dr. Rothenberg and Best Oral Prep. When I first began my studying, I was disorganized and nervous. But Dr. Rothenberg taught me how to map out the questions and outline the stems step by step. He redirected my approach to the test and the me...

    R. Sternberg

  • Dr. Rothenberg was an invaluable resource in preparing for my oral board exams. His knowledge and experience as a board examiner provides for an excellent simulation to the day of the actual exam. My practice exams with Dr. Rothenberg allowed me to better understand how the exam was structured and t...

    E. Riley

  • I am so appreciative of Dr. Rothenberg and his course. Taking the course will help you not only with the material, but also with the techniques of presentation of the material so vital in this exam. His outlines and methods for organizing information create a standardized and reproducible approach t...

    S. McGuirt

  • Dr. Rothenberg’s preparation is comprehensive. He uses his experience as a board examiner to identify weak spots and helps you think and speak like a consultant anesthesiologist. I was well prepared for my exam thanks to Dr. Rothenberg and his outstanding preparation!

    T Lazicki

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