Why is this course a better tutorial service than others?

Best Oral Board Prep offers exclusive tutoring by a former ABA senior oral examiner. Other courses are taught by anesthesiologists who may never have been involved in the actual American Board of Anesthesiology's standardized oral examination, and therefore may have very little insight into what is truly required to achieve consultant status for the ABA.

What is the best timeframe to take this course?

It is strongly recommended that this course be taken 2 to 6 months prior to your actual examination.

Why offer only a minimum of six hours of tutoring?

Anything less does not give the candidate enough time to review all major categories (e.g. CV, Thoracic, Pediatrics, OB, Neuro, Pain, Trauma, etc.), nor does it give enough time to discuss the major, medical categories (e.g. Diabetes mellitus, HTN, CAD, Asthma, etc.). Finally, six hours should allow most candidates to correct any major areas of deficiencies.

What is the best way to study for the standardized oral examination?

You should study as if you were taking the advanced written examination and then take this course to give you the ultimate confidence necessary to pass the standardized oral examination. However, during the oral exam, you will be judged not only on medical knowledge, but also on your communication and presentation skills.

Are the mock oral board questions similar to those on the actual examination?

The mock oral boards administered are very similar to the actual standardized oral examination experience.  Candidates will have the opportunity to respond to 6-8 mock oral board questions, as well as additional 6-8 "grab bag questions".