D. Levinthal

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Here are Testimonials from individuals who underwent personalized coaching with David M. Rothenberg, M.D

In my opinion, there are two equally important parts to passing your orals, 1) fund of knowledge and 2) knowing what to expect and being prepared and practiced in your responses. My time spent with Dr. Rothenberg doing mock orals was critical to developing and refining how to present my fund of knowledge in such a manner that the examiners recognized my mastery of the topic.

As a long time, senior examiner, Dr. Rothenberg was able to take the mystery out of what I would expect going in to the orals and by doing so significantly decreased any pre-test anxiety I may have had. Additionally, my mock orals with Dr. Rothenberg taught me what the examiners were looking for in the content, quality and style of my responses, which, in my opinion helped teach me how to best answer questions in a way that limited the wild card follow up questions where they may have otherwise detected weakness or fear.

It was comforting to know Dr. Rothenberg’s extensive history in the Board system could be trusted to provide an optimal road map to the most efficient way for me to prepare for the oral exams and that efficiency allowed me to cover far more ground than the alternatives or just studying solo.

I highly recommend Best Oral Board Prep and think that any and every candidate has something to gain by its methodology to optimal and efficient oral board preparation.

D. Levinthal