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Here are Testimonials from individuals who underwent personalized coaching with David M. Rothenberg, M.D
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    Comments: With the multitude of board prep courses out there, you are probably asking yourself “Do I really need to sign up for Dr. Rothenberg’s course?” I assure you, the answer is an unwavering ABSOLUTELY YES. Having being part of the lucky few to take and pass the 2020 Applied Exam, my experience is fairly recent, and I can assure you the experience you will have practicing with Dr. Rothenberg is as close as you’re going to get sitting in the chair as an examinee (especially when being examined by the senior examiner). Dr. Rothenberg’s experience as a board examiner of over 20 years allows you to practice and perfect your exam taking skills such as organization of and extension of your knowledge, forming diagnoses and plans for each, well thought out processes, and most importantly ANTICIPATION of what you’re going to run into on this exam. Dr. Rothenberg also works with you on your weaknesses by revisiting them during future mocks, plans a review for your week, and ensures that you understand what you have gone over. Without a doubt you have all done your work and your studying, had your sleepless nights in residency, and have had your doubts about this exam. Dr. Rothenberg takes that and enables you to show the ABA that you are ready to be an ABA certified anesthesiologist. Take it from someone who was not confident in the beginning with the mock oral examinations. By the time I had completed BOBP, I entered the hot seat of the ABA exam calm, collected, and prepared. Most importantly, I passed on my first attempt. I owe an immeasurable amount of gratitude to the physician who told me about Dr. Rothenberg and to Dr. Rothenberg himself. I have been telling everyone I can about BEST ORAL BOARD PREP, and most notably about Dr. Rothenberg, and will most definitely refer them his way!

    M. Dany