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Here are Testimonials from individuals who underwent personalized coaching with David M. Rothenberg, M.D
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    Comments: I had difficulty with the written boards and I wanted to be proactive with the oral boards. Reaching out to an oral board examiner and asking to practice cases gave me not only exposure in areas of weakness early in my studying but allowed me insight into the mind of a consultant. Practicing with Dr. Rothenberg allowed me the opportunity to most effectively present the knowledge in a manner which oral board examiners could not deny making me a diplomate. In addition, Dr. Rothenberg gives one insight into what it takes to succeed. He helps with improving one’s knowledge by giving questions that actually simulate the day of your oral board exam and he helps with the psychology of the test. Truly, one of the most brilliant minds in anesthesia. In fact, he goes a step further, he has an invested and genuine interest helping those who desire the opportunity to become successful anesthesiologist truly succeed.

    A. Martin