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Here are Testimonials from individuals who underwent personalized coaching with David M. Rothenberg, M.D
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    Comments: I had done well on all my written tests but then struggled with passing the oral board exam. I found it difficult to communicate all the knowledge that I knew in an organized and concise manner that is needed to do well on the exam. Dr. Rothenberg gave me a system to follow in breaking down each clinical scenario and insight into what the examiners find important. He taught me how to approach the questions, and after working with him, my verbal communication skills tremendously improved. Following his systematic approach, I was able to stay focused during the exam, and it gave me confidence which came through in my answers. When giving feedback to me after a session, Dr. Rothenberg was honest with my weakness and also highlighted what I did well. I felt his feedback was given in a positive manner, yet I always knew what I needed to work on for the next session. I would highly recommend Dr. Rothenberg to help you prepare for the SOE. His course will help you expand your base knowledge, but more importantly he will give you the tools to communicate that information and become a better physician.

    R Farmer