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    Comments: As Advertised! Regarding the ABA Oral Exam, only practicing with a former examiner makes perfect sense. Most people fail because they cannot succinctly explain their logic for doing something. Unlike other courses, you don’t just go through the motions of taking an exam and then get useless feedback; rather your weaknesses as a consultant are emphasized on day one by Dr. Rothenberg, who administers ALL your exams, for every session. I cannot stress enough how beneficial it is to have continuity with one person during your preparation. This course will not only change the way you think and how you break down a case, but it will also help you to succinctly explain your reasoning. Dr. Rothenberg’s knowledge of the oral examination process and his ability to convey this to you is exactly the method you need to pass this exam. Thank you so much Dr. Rothenberg!

    C. Amin