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    Comments: After multiple failed attempts to pass the ABA oral exam, I am convinced that Dr. Rothenberg's guidance was the key behind my passing my last exam. He directed me to review the materials that are most relevant to this exam. He coached me on how to project confidence and how to handle difficult situations and questions at a fast pace. This happened through six sessions that were a true representation of the real ABA oral exam. I was quite relaxed during my last exam and most of what happened during the actual oral exam was covered thoroughly throughout these six sessions. I went to many (if not countless) courses to prepare for this exam and I can say without reservation that Dr. Rothenberg's course was by far the best. His course is the only one that I strongly recommend for those who are preparing for this exam. Thank you Dr. Rothenberg. You are the best and you truly have the Best Oral Board Prep.

    J. Ali